Prescription Lenses

Focal Point’s i-Profiler Plus is used during the pre-exam to help determine the exact “fingerprint” of your eyes. This makes it possible for your optometrist to prescribe an i-scription - the most precise and balanced prescription you’ve ever known. Your customized lenses are then manufactured with ultra-precise production using freeform technology.

Focal Point supplies camera lens quality materials and treatments in a variety of lens designs to suit every lifestyle and budget. Through lifestyle analysis our eyewear consultants can determine the perfect lens for your needs and prescription allowing you to experience optimal vision and function.

Ask about the latest breakthrough technology that has revolutionized lens designs improving visual performance. Using proprietary technology, Zeiss Individual lenses are now fully personalized to each patient's prescription, frame wrap, vertex and pantoscopic tilt to deliver the clearest visual acuity. All Zeiss clear lenses now feature sunglass-level UV protection.

Experience the benefits of Zeiss Individual progressive lenses:

  • clearest and widest distance portion
  • dramatic improvements in intermediate and near zones, both in visual acuity and wider fields of vision
  • even greater improvements for patients whose individual measurements deviate from the average.

Now available in Single Vision lenses with edge-to-edge clarity and superior performance!